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Patriots score offensive touchdown in first quarter for first time this season

The Patriots did not score an offensive touchdown in the first quarter of their first seven games. They scored an offensive touchdown in the first quarter on their first drive

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Home-visiting program shows promise of reducing risk of obesity among Native American children

Lessons on healthy feeding practices delivered to young mothers through a brief home-visiting intervention put Native American infants on a healthier growth trajectory, lowering their risks for obesity, according to

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J.C. Penney on track for Chapter 11 exit before holiday shopping season

JCPenney’s lifeline is getting stronger as a rescue comes together before the key holiday shopping season. After a lengthy court hearing on Monday, the 118-year-old retail giant has received approval

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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds are $30 off

Have you voted? That’s really important. Go do that, if you haven’t already. These deals will be here when you get back. Now then, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds

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Mum spent £1,200 on blue outfits and accessories only to give birth to girl

A first-time mum who spent £1,200 buying blue outfits and boyish accessories for her baby ended up giving birth to a girl. Mollie Humble, 21, was told twice by medics

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