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It’s time for America to come together under a Biden administration, even if that means higher taxes for the wealthy, KIND founder Daniel Lubetzky said ’ “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” Tuesday.

“I absolutely am comfortable paying a little bit more taxes because there’s people that have been left behind during this pandemic,” Lubetzky told host Neil Cavuto. “The rising gap – it’s not good for anybody… for people to be so left behind.”

Even though Lubetzky doesn’t have a problem with paying more, he urged the government to implement incentives for continued investment in large companies. Lubetzky said his will to grow KIND from his initial $10,000 investment sprouted from the acknowledgment of long-term payoff.

“It would be a huge mistake if they do away with incentives,” he said. “I don’t think I would’ve had the fortitude to invest and invest and generat[e] thousands of jobs out of nothing if I didn’t know that the long-term incentives would be there for me to have a lower tax rate.

“At some point, tax rates are too onerous but I think we can all afford to – all people that are fortunate like I – can afford to pay a little bit more of our fair share,” he went on.

As a “proud” independent, Lubetzky advocated for bridging the gap between political parties. The son of a Holocaust survivor and a Mexican immigrant, he stressed the importance of unifying as a nation once again.

“I remember, when I arrived in America, how proud I was of the system where people could disagree but still have a coffee together,” he said. “I think it’s essential for our nation to fulfill its maximum potential.”