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Texans place Brennan Scarlett, Kyle Emanuel on IR

The Texans placed linebackers Brennan Scarlett and Kyle Emanuel on injured reserve Monday, the team announced. Scarlett broke his arm in Sunday’s victory over the Jaguars. Emanuel has not played

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Study finds long-acting shot helps women avoid HIV infection

Researchers are stopping a study early after finding that a shot of an experimental medicine every two months worked better than daily pills to help keep women from catching HIV

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Nikola discloses grand jury subpoenas from DOJ

Nikola Corp and its founder Trevor Milton received grand jury subpoenas from the U.S. Department of Justice in September in connection to allegations of fraud by short-seller Hindenburg, the electric-truck

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AI camera operator repeatedly confuses bald head for soccer ball during live stream

AI researchers sometimes refer to machine learning technology as “brittle.” By this, they mean that artificial intelligence lacks a human’s understanding of real world complexities, with the end result being

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“My boyfriend has had affairs but I’m 52 – so should I dump him?”

Dear ColeenI know I need to end the relationship I’m in, but I don’t know how to do it. I’ve been hurt by boyfriends in the past and I’m quite

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