N.A (@blogbynims)

2 weeks ago

Hello beautiful people 🌻 Here you go with my first post to my Instagram blog well let me explain how my blog would look a like: My blog is not just about a specific subject it will carry a lot of thing, basically here we are going to talk about a lot of subjects and that's why I need active followers. I give priority to everyone's opinion and this blog will provide a platform to share your thoughts with me and my followers ok so let me share what my blog will carry, it will be a: 🌼 food blog 🌼photography blog 🌼awareness blog 🌼Multi topic blog 🌼patriotic blog 🌼travel blog 🌈 Well I think I should also introduce myself I'm from Pakistan🇵🇰 plus I'm very patriotic towards my country and you'll find a lot of posts about my lovely country Lets all join here and show love please don't show hate 🎇 I feel my blog will be the best place to share my thoughts. If you people like the introduction and are interested in this blog please like and follow to motivate me to start my blog. Comment section is always open for you people to share your thoughts please show yourself as an active follower on this blog hope you will enjoy. Thank you🎈