A n y a | | 晏 矢 (@anyalways)

Feb 2020

Christmas market dinns! 🌟🧀🎄 It had to be done. When you're surrounded by Christmas markets everywhere you go and the smell of grilled cheese and meats and warm chocolate wafts in your face and follows you everywhere, it almost seems a little pointless to go and sit in a restaurant when the atmosphere is buzzing at these markets. 💫 So one evening we decided to unleash our hungry eyes at the biggest and busiest weichtnachtsmarkts in Bern! I started off with dumplings (world tour of dumplings ) followed by the sensational RÖSCHTI. 😱😱 Something so simple and yet insanely delicious - melted cheese on hash browns. 🧀🧀 How has this not arrived in London street food markets yet?? Could someone with an entrepreneurial drive and some cooking talent set up a röschti food truck or stall in London please? While it's still cold out. ❄⛄ That would be so great, thanks. Dessert was a brilliant chocolate pastry called a POUSHE STRUDEL (seriously what great names ) so we ended up following their recommendation and gave ourselves a little poushe to try it out! It was also delicious. But nothing beats that incredible little plate of röschti, and the wild dreams it induced that night on the cheese coaster. If that's what you have to endure for some dreamy cheese, then let it brie. 😛 Also managed to snap a shot of the bouncer manning the tables at the outdoors bar - they're serious on security! 😆 #AnyasFoodList